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Tall Ship Story
Dear Sailing Enthusiast,

   When I was a boy growing up in Sweden, I discovered my passion for tall ships. I lived close to one of the finest yacht builders in the world, and at just 6 years old I began honing my skills, mixing wood stain and carrying varnish. It was then that I first learned of Pommern, a glorious four-masted barque. By the timeI was 10I would sail my boat over to visit Pommern. I learned every inch of the ship, dreaming of the day when I would own such a vessel. In Star Clippers, my dream is reality.

   Designing and building the world’s tallest and largest clipper ships was an incredible task. We launched Royal Clipper, Star Clipper and Star Flyer with the aim of offering an authentic yet thoroughly modern tall ship sailing experience. Family owned and operated, Star Clippers thrives today as the largest, genuine tall ship cruise line in the world. When you step onboard, you aren’t greeted with the usual cruise ship lobby. Our glorious masts and billowing sails make it clear from the start…

   A small ship brings you closer to world-famous highlights, as well as hidden harbors accessible only to a few. With Star Clippers, the wind charts your course in the most ecologically friendly manner. We encourage you to help raise the sails, learn how to tie a knot, and visit the open bridge. We invite you to lie in the bowsprit net suspended above the rushing sea and - most unique of all - climb the mast to the Crow’s Nest for a stunning panoramic view. Welcome to the Star Clipper Experience.

   While maintaining the ship’s authenticity and tradition, I wanted to keep them intimate and small; coming aboard is like traveling with family and close friends. There are no long lines. You’ll never find a crowd in the dining room and deck chairs are readily available. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Enjoy the sophisticated ambiance with other well-traveled, international guests.

   Yet, though the masts and rigging hearken back to The Golden Age of Sail, inside and around the deck are telltale markings of a contemporary, elegant and modern vessel. Much like a private yacht, Star Clippers’ ships are adorned with striking brass work, deep hues of blue and gold, nautical décor, and a convivial ambiance. Tastefully appointed cabins provide a peaceful haven after an adventurous day. The bars and lounges are inviting and the dining room features a min of the finest international cuisine. Casual elegance is the order of the day. Do everything or nothing, whenever, and with whomever you please.

To our returning guests, I say thank you for your loyalty. We are always happy to have you back onboard. To our first-time guests, I say welcome to the Star Clipper Family. We look forward to showing you what makes Star Clippers so unique.

Happy Sailing,

Mikael Krafft
Founder and President
Sailing made Personal
   In 1902, the world's first five-masted full rigger was built and named The Preussen.

"Those who saw it were rendered speechless", wrote the well-known British maritime historian Alan Villiers.

98 years would pass, before another five-masted full-rigger was built and that ship is The Royal Clipper...


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